parking heater

parking heater

What is an parking heater? In the winter season, exchange the comfort you need in the early hours of the morning with a cold and icy experience inside the car you are in. Face it on your way to work.
The nightmare is complete when you look out the window from your bed, see the cold air outside, and imagine yourself walking down the street and into your frozen car.

However, with the parking heater available for almost every vehicle these days, all these nightmares are gone. We know it sounds more like a morning ad. But stay tuned as we’re about to unveil the mechanism behind this innovative yet simple device that aims to warm up your car’s interior, in the engine compartment and cabin, before you actually get into the car.

What is an parking heater?

An parking heater is a set that is installed in vehicles and independently of the engine heats the cabin with little fuel consumption and blows hot air and circulates it inside the cabin in such a way as to create the desired state according to the passenger’s taste and desire with automatic control. provide.

What is the fuel consumption of parking heater?

The main fuel of this heater is kerosene. But if you are not sure about the quality of the desired oil, you can use high-quality diesel.

When using diesel, especially in cold and frosty winters, if your heater has its own separate tank, it is better to use 3/4 tank of diesel and 1/4 tank of white alcohol to prevent the fuel from becoming jelly. do it

What is the fuel consumption of the parking heater?

It just depends on a few things like heater model, ambient temperature and even altitude, all of which can affect the total fuel consumption per hour.

Liter/hr BOOST  0.27

Liter/hr HIGH 0.24

Liter/hr MEDIUM 0.14

Liter/hr LOW 0.1

Types of parking heaters

What is the weight of the product?

Lbs (3.5kg)7.7

Types of parking heaters

parking heater in two types of water and dry air is a very useful and low-consumption and high-efficiency device for all types of cars.

This device brings you unparalleled heat with very little consumption of diesel and oil combination (with oil fuel it works and lasts better).

parking heater production series at Farozesh Company

1) ST series of heaters of Faruzash Broadcasting Company

2) In-situ heater, model BA01

3) Heater in place of ignition model DA01

4) In-place heater model NDA01

parking heat pump

The parking heater has an electronic pump that transfers the fuel from its source to a combustion furnace, where combustion takes place in the main furnace. The air needed for combustion is supplied from outside the car and finally the combustion products are directed from inside the furnace to outside the car. Meanwhile, a blower fan passes the air inside the room over the combustion chamber and heats the air inside the cabin.
parking heaters with many specifications, including equipped with a precise cabin temperature control system

The necessity of equipping the transport fleet with an parking heater

In many countries of the world, including Iran, the parking operation of the car engine to provide heat to the cabin causes many financial and environmental costs, such as the waste of millions of liters of fuel, a sharp increase in engine depreciation, an increase in air pollution, an increase in the possibility of road accidents and Inconvenience of drivers and…

How does an parking heater work?

We have already proven that diesel air heaters have many useful features.

Including the capacity to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your vehicle. We tend to reduce your windows from freezing, fogging in cold winter seasons. It helps you save time and money.

What does the heater service include

So how does it work?

Well, the working principle of a diesel air heater is very simple. In fact, it works like any other auxiliary heater.

Only this one uses air and produced diesel for heating.
Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Parking heater operation

Step 1: Activation
In the first stage, the diesel air heater is activated by starting it. You can set this up through. It all depends on what control option you choose for your heater.

So when you start the device, it automatically activates and the heater starts working.

Step 2: The setup process will begin
After activation, the blower fan of the diesel heater (parking) blows air into the combustion chamber. Some of this air is directed to a secondary chamber.

This chamber is preheated by a glowing element. With this incident, the supply of fuel from the tank or fuel source of the heater also continues.

It only starts when the chamber detects a certain temperature.

Remember that diesel (parking) heaters can use fuel from their own tank or from the vehicle’s tank.

If your machine has an independent fuel tank, you need to make sure that it always has enough fuel to run it.

Also, if the fuel is supplied from the vehicle’s tank, you still need to ensure that your vehicle always has enough diesel.

Step 3: The fuel-air mixture ignites
Air from vehicle compartments and diesel fuel mix. The mixture is then ignited through the glow element and the resulting flame enters the combustion chamber. After the flame stabilizes, the glow element turns off.
Step 4: Hot air is released
At this stage, hot air flows from the chamber to the heat exchanger. A circulation pump circulates air while the diesel heater is running.

Then the hot air is spread to the inside of the vehicle with the help of the blower fan. When this happens, the temperature inside your vehicle will begin to rise as the heater continues to operate.

parking heat pump

Step 5: The heater turns off
Once the desired temperature is reached (according to your set parameters), the heater will turn off. However, the circulation pump continues to operate to heat the vehicle.

Remember, this is to help save fuel until you turn the heater off completely. And as I told you earlier, diesel heaters have several off-setting options for ease of use.

parking diesel heater

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is and whether the weather is hot or cold, truck drivers must continue on their way and do not delay on their way and deliver their cargo to its destination. In such difficult and important work conditions, the safety of drivers is important, and facilities such as cooling and heating systems are among the obligations that must be provided to them. Driving in cold conditions is really hard and exhausting, that’s why heavy vehicles like trucks, diesel cars need a heating system called parking heater.

Farozesh company is one of the companies that produces heaters that are suitable for these heavy machines. In the production of this product, this group observes all the necessary points and standards and installs this heater in the most appropriate place in the car so that drivers do not feel cold in the cold season and on the road and continue on their way. You can call the Mojo numbers on the site to buy and place an order.

The standby problem of the parking heater

When the parking heater does not work in standby mode, it is because the heater is installed in a place where there is no air inlet and there is only one outlet through which hot air comes out, which causes when the heater heats up in standby mode. Standby is set and it takes a long time until it cools down. That’s why the driver feels cold. To solve this problem, a hole with a diameter of 60 must be created so that the heater can sense the air inside the cabin so that this problem does not occur.

Parking heater

Explanations about the parking heater service

With the onset of cold and winter, an important point is that the heater must be serviced. It has been 5 or 6 months since the last time the heater was used, so it is better to service the heater before using it again.
What does the heater service include?
1- Check the connecting pipes, such as the heat output pipe is not deformed or damaged, check the air intake pipe which is under the cabin, check the outlet or exhaust pipe and fix it if there is a blockage.
Check the connections to the pump and the sand to make sure they are not damaged.
The access connections should be checked 100%, especially the electricity and the safety of the fuse, and the absence of tears, scratches, or disconnection of the wires.
If you check the external parts, you can go to authorized repair shops and take the heater for service.
When you use our heater in the summer season, there is a possibility of dirt entering the pipes and it causes problems. For service, they replace an intensifier washer and a felt or fireproof cotton, which does not cost much and is healthy. Bukhari is sure. If not replaced, the heater may turn on badly or its heat efficiency may decrease, so it is recommended to service the heater before using it.

Keeping the heater on

We have to use two tanks to keep the heater on.
The standard of the car’s diesel tank should be used, but due to the fact that diesel starts to gel at temperatures below 18 degrees, and you will have trouble keeping the heater on.
We recommend to use a separate back or a separate tank, the difference is that at that temperature, diesel becomes jelly.
That’s why we say to use a separate tank, because in the cold areas of the country, we can use kerosene and 70% alcohol.

These two types of fuel do not gel in the temperature of minus 18 to minus 25 degrees, and you can keep the heater on in the worst cold and enjoy its heat.
Why should 70% kerosene and alcohol be used? If oil is used alone, because oil itself is a smoke generator, it creates soot and causes all the internal chambers to be blocked, so we must pour 70% alcohol so that the chambers inside the heater will open with the increase in the combustion power of the alcohol…

parking heating pack for foroozesh pakhsh

If you want to get the parking heater pack freely, the complete in-situ heater pack includes 10 items of unit material, wire harness, pump set, muffler, air inlet valve, heat transfer pipe or hose, exhaust, air inlet pipe, Includes volume and parking heater package.

parking heating fuel

last word

As you can see, in this article, a brief introduction of the diesel heater (parking) or what is the in-place heater? we paid You read about diesel air heaters. Mother, we intend to discuss the method of installation and parts in other articles.

After reading this content, all the information will be available to you. Don’t make an uninformed purchase decision.

So take the time and energy to determine exactly what your heating needs are, and then buy the right heater.

For more advice on buying a diesel heater (locally) and to inquire about the price and purchase, contact Farozesh Bama.

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