parking heater unit

Installation of parking heater unit

Specify the installation of the parking heater

Drill 7 holes on the floor of the room according to the provided pattern
Install the parking heater unit with your parking kit fabric bolts
For ease of installation, before installing the in-place heater unit on the floor of the room, you can pre-assemble the air intake pipe, exhaust pipe and fuel hose on the parking heater unit.

parking heater installation location

 parking heater installation

The Iranian parking heater can be installed on all heavy and semi-heavy vehicles.
Cars with 24V electricity can use our SD heaters and it doesn’t matter that you can open the heater and install it on the new car when changing the car.
SDB heaters, which are for 12 volt heaters, can be installed for cars that use 12 volt electricity.
All heaters are not special for cars, you can use them on cars and heavy road construction equipment that work in autumn and winter, so the heater of foroozesh pakhsh company can be installed on all cars and road construction equipment.

A suitable place to install an parking heater

The location of the parking heater in tractors or mini-vans should be inside the cabin as a standard.
For this reason, the installation place must be inside the cabin, because you can get an inlet and outlet from inside the cabin, and what you are doing is observing the air circulation. But unfortunately, in many places, the installation is done outside the cabin.

To implement this circulation, they use a hose pipe. When this pipe is used outside the cabin, there is a possibility of its tearing in most cases, such as opening and closing the cabin. Also, these pipes can break down over time. There is mostly rain and dust.
When this pipe is damaged or torn, when you turn on the heater, the heater will do its job, but unfortunately, that circulation will not be executed.

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