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Foroozeshpakhsh Co. (Ltd) was established in 1997 in order to design and manufacture “Air Conditioner Systems” in Iran, the first capable of manufacturing “Parking Heater System” in the Middle East and central Asia

Foroozeshpakhsh is a family owned company who is proud of producing high efficient compact heating system for you tasted hard face of winter. We will be happy when you are relax and safe in fight of cold and chilly day or eliminate idling on the jobsite and increase productivity instead.

Our mission is increasing and development of safe, clean, high quality and domestic product. So we fully focused on designing, producing and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for the automotive & vehicle industries.

This year marks the 19 year anniversary for foroozeshpakhsh, during these years we got much experience and could progress in our mission by associating of young experts.

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Foroozeshpakhsh group always paid attention to quality of products and remak it, therefore we sucseed to get different approval such as compulsory standard of ISIRI No 1824(IRAN STANDARD INSTITUTE) & ECE 324 R122 TUV NORD certificate and Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and ISO TS 16949 : 2009 by IMQ,too.

Foroozeshpakhdsh heater provides the required heat very quickly and are therefore especially well-suited for transporters, personnel carriers and workshop vehicles – as well as for freight compartments and driver’s cabs on trucks. Our product portfolio is suitably wide-ranging. Chooe your model and enjoy of comfort cab in rain and snow. When it comes to top quality and reliable performance, nothing compares to Foroozeshpakhsh.

Environment protection:

How Foroozeshpakhsh protect environment?

Environmental protection does not happen by accident, it is the result of a corporate strategic action plan. As an innovative supplier, we have developed solutions that help vehicle manufacturers meet the challenges they face with regard to environment and climate protection.

Our engine-independent heating solutions reduce engine idling so doing help to significantly reduce fuel consumption along with the emission of pollutants.

Environmental protection does not stop at the factory gate. Foroozeshpakhsh optimized packaging units cause a true use of natural resources.


 What is parking heater?
An parking heater is a device used to heat the car cabin.

 What are the advantages of using parking heater?

– Reduction of fuel consumption
– Reduction of pollution
– Depreciation reduction
-Providing the comfort of drivers

 What is the purpose of foroozeshpakhsh company?

At the beginning, foroozeshpakhsh Company wanted to understand the logic of designing selfie engines, then in the second stage, inspired by the best European and American brands that had years of experience in this work, it started to design the sub-set. In the next step, foroozeshpakhsh tried to use the experiences of domestic manufacturers to produce sub-assemblies and parts of this product.

 The idea of a foroozeshpakhsh company?

Our idea was to develop this technology in this country. Our idea was to make this technology sustainable in this country after it was developed, and we would expand it and give it a limit at the regional level for this technology. Because this technology is fully established in industrialized countries, so we started working with this idea.