The evolution of foroozesh pakhsh Company2

Be friend with snow and rain

Foroozeshpakhsh developed the generation of its parking heater line.For different type of vehicle models providing optimum performance and comfort.

NDA01 model

Foroozeshpakhsh  NDA01 parking heater are produced in 360*133*125 size .The best fuel for NDA01 heaters are Gasoil and oil and the required voltage is12 or 24. This type of heaters by low  fuel consumption  about 0.27 (L/h) and  2200( m3/h) heater air flow are the best heating system for different kind of vehicles especially for trucks.


Your Foroozeshpahsh parking heater not only  ensures substantially more comfort  and  convenience, it can also be conveniently and easily operated – exactly as you like.

Foroozeshpakhsh heaters operate by mini-control enables get your required temperature.

Features of Foroozeshpakhsh Heater Controlers

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  • Heater enabled indicator light
  • Diagnostics indicator light
  • Programmable low voltage shutdown
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Digital temperature control
  • Temperature range: 40°F-90°F (4°C-32°C)
  • Programmable temperature set-point
  • Run time limiter with selectable presets
  • Built-in hour meter with reset
  • Programmable low voltage shutdown
  • “Check Heater” message
  • Output for external devices
  • Heater On/Off Button
  • LED Indicator – Heater enabled, Needs Service, Diagnostic Codes
  • On/Off scheduler, High Temperature Disable, Low Voltage Disable,
  • Heater exerciser selectable Alert/Auto-run with selectable intervals
  • Event Log, hosts start stop events and Diagnostic Codes & Descriptions
  • Selectable preventative maintenance schedule with “Maintenance Required” warning