Danesh Baniyan Faruzesh Broadcasting Company

Forozesh Broadcasting Company is proud that with the grace of God and its unceasing efforts, it has been able to design and produce parking heaters for the first time in Iran and in the Middle East. was established and has been operating in this field for more than 24 years now.

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The product presented in the pavilion

parking diesel heater including fuel pump

In addition to having a smart and digital system and having excellent technical features, the parking heaters are considered to be a clean product, which by consuming the least amount of fuel (0.2) brings comfort to the dear drivers during rest time, reduces the wear and tear of the car engine and Reducing environmental pollutants, especially CO2, supports and protects the environment. To enjoy a greener world in the modern world. Considering the rapid growth of the automobile industry and its progress, we intend to offer clean Iranian products to the domestic and foreign markets with our efforts.

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Phone number :

09911154562– 09203017644

factory phone :

02637775382 -02637775381