parking heater fuel path

parking heater fuel path 

The fuel pump is the heart of the parking heater system, and its correct operation has a direct effect on the correct operation of the parking heater.

Standard installation of the fuel line

Choose a suitable path for installing the fuel hose and pump so that the length of the fuel inlet hose and the fuel outlet from the pump are according to the dimensions of the above image.
When using the fuel hoses, make sure to connect them head-to-head and fully seal them with connecting hoses.
If you use a separate tank for fuel supply, be sure to use a suitable filter to prevent waste from entering the fuel duct as well as the electric pump.
Using any non-standard hose approved by the manufacturer will cause serious damage.
After installing the fuel hose, make sure that the hose is not close to the heating parts or the heater.
Linear fuel pump
Choose a protected location near the fuel tank to install the fuel pump.

parking heater fuel path

Note: The proper angle for installing the fuel pump in order to prevent the accumulation of vaporized gases in the fuel path in order to prevent any fuel leakage is 15 to 90 degrees.

Be sure to use the fabric fuel hose with an inner diameter of 1.5 mm and an outer diameter of 4 mm, which is available in the heater pack.
Using hoses of different sizes may cause malfunctions of the in-place heater.
To cut the fuel hoses, be sure to use a suitable sharp tool so as to prevent the deformation or closing of the fuel hose during the cutting section.

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