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 foroozeshpakhsh Company

FarozeshPakhsh Company is a manufacturer of parking heaters that operates in Iran. This company was established in 1376 and since then it has been investigating the needs of customers in the field of heating in the cold season.
According to the needs of the customers, FarozeshPakhsh company produces parking heaters with different powers. Also, this company continuously pays attention to improving the quality of its products and providing after-sales services to its customers.

parking ignition heater

This parking heater includes consumables and original parts.

Among the main parts: the heater unit is parking, its control panel, and the heart of the heater is its pump, each of which has its own characteristics, and these three items are included in the warranty, provided that the drivers do not manipulate these three parts.

There are a series of consumable parts that wear out over time, which can be mentioned as follows:

Freezer pipe, wire handle, air intake pipe, heater hose pipe, separate parts that are used to install the heater, fuel hose, valve and pipe,

These parts are original and do not break quickly because the parts we use are of the best brands and the most quality brands in the world.

These parts are not included in the warranty because dear drivers can deform them and this will void the warranty.

The main part of the parking heater is the unit. This in-place heater consists of three main parts and a cover piece, which can be called a fan shell, which is not visible. Dear drivers who use the parking heater of Farozesh Bakhsh company, do not repair the device by themselves. It is better to visit our authorized representative all over the country.

بخاری درجا


Because if you want to repair the heater yourself, if the label or seal is opened, it will be out of warranty.

The in-place heater from Farozesh Bakhsh company has a two-year warranty. The warranty does not mean that it will repair your heater for you if it breaks down. Due to its characteristics, Farozesh Bakhsh company waives the warranty of a new part for you.

The important thing here is that each part has a 6-month warranty. The control panel has three buttons, the first button is for the starter, the middle button is for turning it off, and the last button can be used for the fan for air conditioning. That is, if you turned it on, you came by the middle name, you set the degree to your desired degree, it is adjustable from 15 to 35 degrees, if you put it on and it is set, you do not need to turn off the heater manually, here the heater will turn off automatically.

When the heater reaches its lowest level, it starts working. We use three types of pens inside the unit:

1- An electronic board known as the Bukhari brain.

2- 24 volt candle

3- and heat sensor

Each of them has specific symptoms.

How can we buy and prepare this parking heater?

You can go to the website and talk to our expert and get this heater. Our experts answer you 24 hours a day.

Some Iranian parking heater parts are consumables, they are not included in the warranty, it can be emphasized that these parts are of excellent quality, and saying that they are consumables does not mean that they will break down over time. Some of these parts include:

1- The narrow hose, which is made of bolimber material, will not be damaged in any way, this product is resistant to cold and heat and sunlight. The reason for its damage is that the dear drivers touch it to open their hose, which causes a difference in the inlet and outlet of the hose, the amount of fuel that reaches your heater will decrease or increase and cause it to be destroyed.

2- The air inlet hose, which is a consumer product, and this part has both high resistance and good flexibility.

3- The exhaust pipe is friable. This product is placed at a very high temperature because the exhaust part gives off the heat of the exhaust. Do not deform this pipe in any way. Do not block the air outlet and do not put anything inside because this is a thermal product. Try using the part be far from others.

4- Is it possible to wire, if your car has an Iranian parking heater, you can see this wire that goes from under the cabin, but if it is a market type, this wire can be seen, please do not make any changes to this wire because The system is designed in such a way that if you change one of its wires, it will cause your heater to fail. And this wire is for consumption, and any change on this wire will cause the heater unit itself to be out of warranty. keep in mind

5- There is a valve and a valve base, which is used of excellent material, it has a very high temperature resistance, and it can be said that it is not damaged, but it is consumable and does not include warranty.

6- The hose pipe is the hot air that enters the car through this hose pipe. This product has the ability to be flexible, which creates a deformation in it. turn off

7- The next parts are separate parts that are used to install the heater, which is something that is not guaranteed in any way.

Be sure to know that where you installed the heater, there should be no equipment around it, at least it should be 30 cm to 10 cm away from any object.

The Iranian domestic heater has an 18-month warranty and 10-year after-sales service, which includes 3 main parts that are included in the warranty.

The key is the in-place heater, the pump and the unit itself, now what makes these three items out of warranty.

Any breakage of the key wire will void the warranty, otherwise, if the key has a problem, it will be included in the warranty.

ویژگی بخاری درجا

What is the pump like?

You should know that the pump is not easily damaged. Dear drivers who are stuck in cold areas, they try to open the valve of this pump to draw better diesel. that this manipulation of the valve causes it to be out of warranty, the deformation and breakage of this part causes it to be completely out of warranty. This part is a very important part in the parking heater, in fact, it is the heart of the steam of this part that if Manipulating this part may cause the heater to fail.

And the unit itself has a Q.C label on the unit that you should not try to remove this label in any way, if this part is torn, it will be out of warranty.

Writing on the label that has a serial number causes it to be out of warranty, breakage in the appearance of the heater and wire breakage, or moving the electric silence handle causes it to be out of warranty.

Otherwise, Farozesh Bakhsh company will give you 18 months warranty.

The price of parking heater parts is different due to the large variety of parts and different brands, and it can vary depending on the type of part, brand and its quality. But in general, some of the parts of the parking heater that are used the most include consumable parts.
To buy parking heater parts, you can get more information about the price and how to buy in-place heater parts by contacting the parking heater manufacturing company (Foruzeh ) or its agents.

The price of parking heater parts

The price of in-place heater parts depends on the type of in-place heater and the type of parts that are needed. Also, the price of in-place heater parts may vary according to the manufacturer and parts seller.

In general, in-situ heater components include electrical components such as sensors, motors, controllers, as well as mechanical components such as pipes, adapters, and heaters.

Therefore, in order to be more accurate about the price of in-situ heater parts, it is better to contact the sellers and suppliers of the parts (FarozeshPakhsh) and find out about the prices.

All kinds of parking heater parts

In-situ heater parts may vary in different models and brands, but in general, some of the main parking heater parts can be mentioned, which are:

candle lace / Intensifying fireproof washer / Electronic board or DA01/ NDA01 electronic board / suction pump / DA model key (volume) set / Fan washer/ NDA01 volume set / The main shell collection / Base and rotary valve /Long wire handle / facial skin / The lower crust / Candle / Sealing washer/ Fuel pipe sealing gasket / Sensor assembly / Air inlet pipe

last word

It should be noted that it is better to use original and high-quality parts to buy heater parts, so that in the long run there will be no problems with your heater and your heater will work optimally. You can contact us to get the parts.