Warranty history

Warranty history

For the first time in 1776, the issue of warranty was raised in the insurance law, but it took a decade to become a law to guarantee goods of merchants.

At first, the guarantee was used only to guarantee goods in the warehouse of ships and maritime trade, but in the early 20th century, this tool was used for everyday and industrial products of human society. Warranty in Iran is less than a century old and started with home appliances. In 1321, this word reached the ears of Iranian consumers with the manufacture of electropumps and then home appliances products in “Araj” factory.

Since then, with the prosperity of industries and the presence of domestic products such as heating products in the middle of Forozesh, Iran National, national shoes and other domestic factories in the consumer market, the guarantee has become completely Iranian.

Sales department of foroozeshpakhsh Company ( parking heating )

Danesh Banyani company is the first and only producer (full pack) of in-place heaters in the country. It was established in Alborz province in 1385. This company has dedicated branches of its activities to the production of parking heaters for heavy machines and has offered the above product almost everywhere in our dear country of Iran, which makes the diesel car companies fully familiar with the products of foroozeshpakhsh Company in an automotive area. (car air conditioning system). Also, foroozeshpakhsh company has provided solutions for all stages of the in-situ heater production business, from capital supply to maintenance.

foroozesh Broadcasting Company

This company has its own dedicated research and development team that solves their needs outside of the collection. Buyers of foroozesh Broadcasting products can safely ask the technical and warranty unit about all the details and problems that have occurred and meet their expectations by the expert forces.

Warranty of foroozeshpakhsh

foroozesh Distribution Company guarantees its product for 18 months from the date of delivery, and also takes all the parts that are damaged or damaged during the warranty period from the customers immediately and delivers the replacement part.

Warranty history

parking heater warranty

If the heater is damaged during the warranty period, the heater is sent by the customer and the company is obliged to repair it, then it is sent again after the repair.

To apply the warranty, if the heater label is torn, the heater is no longer included in the warranty, and the repair fee must be paid by the customer for its repair.

In the condition that the sticker of the heater is not torn and 18 months of warranty have passed, the customer must pay for the repair.

In order to apply the heater installation warranty, they are installed by foroozeshpakhsh installers, and if another installer installs it, the installation video must be sent to the company to apply the 18-month warranty for the parking heater .

1) What are warranty repairs?

Free repair or replacement of parts that are caused by technical defects from raw materials and manufacturing plant and regular and specified inspections
In the user’s manual, the device and its operation are normally and periodically performed with the buyer’s information at the designated times.

2) What is the difference between delivery and periodic services?

Inspection at delivery: Inspection at the delivery location is when the device is delivered to the customer. – Periodic services: These services are performed periodically at certain times for better control and performance of the device.
The time of periodic services should be informed by the customers to the service center.

3) What are the warranty conditions?

The warranty of the complete heater pack in the place of ignition according to the instructions of the ignition is equal to 18 months from the date of delivery to the factory door, and for the purchase of parts separately (unit, voluk key, fuel pump) it is equal to 6 months.
If the device is transferred to another person during the warranty period, the warranty conditions are still valid.
The warranty period can be changed according to the policies of the manufacturing company

parking heater warranty

4) What is the main part?

It is a piece whose quality is confirmed by Farozesh Broadcasting Company and only through the official representatives of that company.
It is sold with the logo and special packaging of Farozesh Broadcasting Company. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the product is original.

5) Under what circumstances is the device out of warranty?

  •  If the customer starts working before the device is delivered.
  •  If the customer replaces a part.
  •  If a part of the device is missing, missing or broken.
  •  If the customer has used more than the power specified for the device.
  •  In case periodic services are not performed regularly and according to the schedule.
  •  If the problem was not reported at the time of occurrence, and the problem appeared with the passage of time
  • Parts such as fuse, air intake pipe, exhaust, fuel supply hoses, fasteners and other consumables are not included in the warranty.
  •  If the accident or the problem is caused by the wrong operation of the machine operator.
  •  In case of natural disasters, critical situations and war, devices are not included in the warranty.
  •  In case of repair of the device by various repairmen (other than the personnel of Faruzesh Broadcasting Company).
  •  In case of using inappropriate fuel and not replacing the fuel filter on time.
  •  In case of customer’s negligence and inappropriate use
  •  open, torn or distorted heater seal
  •  End of warranty date

After-sales service of faruzeh Broadcasting Company

This set has an 18-month warranty, provided that the heater seal is not opened, and it also has after-sales service for 10 years, so it is recommended that dear drivers contact Faruzash Eshar company before going anywhere if there is a problem with the heater. They should be within the warranty period and they should not pay for the repair, and the company will repair the device for free, and if it is not within the period of time, be sure to contact our technical officer to introduce the authorized repair centers to you, so that you do not incur a lot of costs.

parking heater FAQs

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