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parking heater FAQs

Diesel is a liquid fuel, in the cold season due to the low temperature, diesel freezes. In order to prevent diesel from freezing, additives such as alcohol are used.

Problems can be understood in three ways

1- through the volume key

2- through the eyes

3- through touch

Volume key: Through the number of flashes of the red key, you can find the fault of the local heater

Visually: problems such as the fuse of the wiring harness, smoke from the heater in the room, the decrease in the heat of the device

By touch: volume key not working, fuel pump not working

If the device works at its highest power, it uses 0.58 ml per hour

And if it works at its lowest power, it consumes 0.15 ml of fuel every hour

All heavy vehicles can use this parking heater, even special vehicles

The heater produces hot air after 5 seconds of being turned on, and how long it takes to heat the cabin depends on its location and installation.

The heater is turned on by the volume key that is installed on the dashboard of the car, and the instructions for working with the heater are on the company’s website.

Because the parking heater works alone (independently), it does not put pressure on the engine and does not reduce the useful life of the car, because we want to keep the cabin warm.

If the device works at its highest power, it uses 0.58 ml per hour

And if it works at its lowest power, it uses 0.15 ml of fuel every hour

Biodiesel can be mixed with regular diesel fuel, at any ratio, even in very small amounts (which reduces emissions and improves engine smoothness). Investigations show that about one percent of biodiesel increases fluidity up to 65 percent.

Better fluidity means less engine wear, which ultimately reduces diesel maintenance costs. Also, if we increase the amount of biodiesel to 20%, then the “Stan” number will improve by about three units. The explanation is that “octane number” for diesel (biodiesel) has the same concept as “octane number” for gasoline. This number is a measurement standard to show the fuel combustion time in diesel engines.

However, during 15 million field tests, the use of biodiesel in terms of horse power has shown the same properties as conventional diesel fuels.

The use of biodiesel in a conventional diesel engine leads to a substantial reduction of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and suspended particles.

By using this fuel, the share of carbon and suspended particles is reduced. (because the oxygen in biodiesel enables complete combustion to CO2), but the soluble part with hydrocarbon remains the same or increases.

In order to be able to keep its spark plug and fuel pump active while working with the ignition heater, it needs electronic energy. In this regard, it needs an energy source to keep it active, which is from the car’s tank (battery). Use it in the same way as in the program written in the heater board, it is designed to use the desired energy in a very short time so that it does not have any excessive consumption and does not cause any damage to the car battery, even In many hours when the car is turned off and it is necessary to use the heater for many hours and with heating as the last power of the heater in the place of ignition.

Yes, we can remove the burning heater from one car and place it in another car.

Also, how to install it on the official website of Foroozeshpakhsh (

There is ,

Only one issue is that the electric power of the cars must be the same, for the ignition heater that works in a car with 24 volt electric amp, the heater in the ignition in a car with 24 volt ampere should be used.

Yes, the parking heater needs maintenance and repairs, just like all other car accessories.

The heaters available in the market as well as in car factories have been tested at the time of installation and have received the final approval from the company’s quality control unit.

In addition, all types of heaters produced in Farozesh Bukhari Company have been tested in the company and the quality control approval label as well as the warranty barcode have been placed on them.

The parts of the parking combustion heater are composed of three parts (electronic, plastic and metal).

which you can see separately on the official website of Foroozeshpakhsh (

The content of the change of mode may be caused by lack of fuel, failure in the electrical system or problems in fueling. Checking and fixing these issues can help solve the problem

Possible causes include a dirty air filter, a problem with the heating system, or a low fuel level. It is necessary to investigate and fix these issues.

First, read the repair instructions in the user manual. If the problem persists, it is best to visit a professional technician.

Yes, changing the air filter is a simple task. Do this according to the manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to use the right filters for your heater.

Make sure the heater is set correctly. Also, maintaining and repairing the heating system on time and using high-quality fuel can help improve energy consumption.

The cause of the exhaust sound of the parking heater and its solution

Why is the exhaust sound of the heater loud? First of all, it should be said that not only the heaters of Farozesh company, but all heaters have exhausts, and this sound is for all heaters, but FarozeshPaksh company has designed several examples of silencers for your exhaust in order to satisfy the customer, and you can Easily get this part from the company and reduce your exhaust sound by 70%.

parking heater FAQs

Uniform heating of the entire cabin

In order to heat the cabin evenly, unfortunately, companies use an outlet when installing the heater.
You can get a hot air outlet tee from this collection and have hot air outlet from two directions through the hose pipe connector so that the cabin is heated uniformly.
These tees are in several different models and sizes offered by the Faruzeh Broadcasting Company, and you can choose uniform tees or tees that have adjustable opening and closing of hot air outlet valves.