Advantages of parking heaters

How the parking heater works: Parking heater is a heating device that is used to heat the air inside the car and also to warm the car engine before starting to drive. The parking heater in the car is produced in two types, gasoline and diesel.

How the parking heater works

An parking heater is a device that is installed in a vehicle. which can warm the engine and cabin before starting the engine by the driver. This is especially useful in colder climates where vehicles may have trouble starting and warming up quickly in the morning. In this article, we will take a closer look at how the parking heater works and some of its benefits.

How does an parking heater work?

An parking heater is usually a small, self-contained heating system that is installed in the engine compartment of a vehicle. The fuel for the heater is supplied with diesel or gasoline and is independent of the car’s fuel tank. Often controlled by a remote control or a timer, it can be set to warm the engine and cabin for a predetermined amount of time before the driver needs it.

When the spot heater is turned on, it takes fuel from its fuel tank and turns it on to generate heat. The heat is then transferred to the engine and cabin through a series of channels and hoses.

Depending on the type of parking heater, heat may be distributed through the vehicle’s existing heating system or through a separate system. Some space heaters also have a built-in fan that can help circulate warm air throughout the cabin.

parking heater models

Advantages of parking heaters

Using an parking heater has several advantages.

1. An parking heater can warm the car’s engine and cabin before the driver starts the engine. This can help reduce engine wear and improve fuel efficiency by warming up the engine faster.

It can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It allows the engine to reach its desired operating temperature faster.

2. Another advantage of parking heater is that it can make driving in colder weather more comfortable. By preheating the cabin, the driver and passengers can enter a warm and cozy vehicle without having to wait for the engine to warm up. This can be especially useful for drivers who have to commute long distances or for those who work in industries that require them to spend a lot of time in their vehicles.

3. Another benefit of parking heaters is that they can help extend the life of your vehicle’s engine. The vehicle’s engine is cranked before starting the engine. An parking heater can help reduce engine wear and tear that occurs when starting a cold engine. This can ultimately help extend the life of your vehicle and reduce the need for costly repairs over time.

4. An parking heater can be a great investment for anyone who lives in colder climates or wants to improve the performance and comfort of their vehicle. Whether you’re looking to reduce wear and tear on your engine, improve fuel efficiency, or simply stay warm on a cold winter morning, an parking heater is a great solution.

Danger: To prevent any kind of fire, the on-site heater must be turned off during refueling, and also to avoid poisoning by toxic gases, never use the parking heater in closed environments.

How the parking heater works

You can use this link to know how to properly work the in situ steam in the ignition.

Getting started SWICH

If you are using digital switches on your parking heater, a button with a red light is used to start operation and a button without light is used to turn off the set.

START UP Turn on

To turn on, the red light is continuously lit and the following events occur in order. The control board of the health system checks all the parts (the parts include candles, thermal sensors, safety sensors, fans, etc.).
The blower fan starts moving slowly.
After about 30 seconds, the candle is lit, the pump is turned on and starts injecting fuel.
If the flame is formed, the candle is removed from the circuit by the thermal sensors and the fan speed increases slowly so that its output temperature is around 110 degrees Celsius.

Temperature settings:

in old (analog) and new (digital) volumes
There is a graduated key to set the desired temperature of the driver. Which shows the lowest value of about 10 °C and the highest value of about 30 °C, which changes equally during the rotation.

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How to design an parking heater

One important thing to note is that space heaters are usually designed to be energy efficient. They are often equipped with advanced controls that can help regulate temperature and optimize fuel consumption.

This means that using a parking heater can actually help reduce fuel costs over time and also reduce the overall environmental impact of driving.

 parking heater models

It is also worth mentioning that parking heaters are available in different sizes and sizes to suit all types of vehicles and climates. Some parking heaters are designed for use in passenger cars.

while others are more suitable for larger vehicles such as trucks or buses. In addition, some space heaters are designed to operate in very cold temperatures, while others may be better suited for milder climates.

All kinds of heater models in place of ignition

ST heater series model

The new series is the research production team of this company. In the production of ST series of heaters as the latest products of the company, a double effort has been made to improve the quality of these products, and as a result, a series of advantages have been established for this type of heater – whether compared to other company products or similar German products.

Model BA01

In-place heater model BA01 with size 125*133*360 and gasoline fuel consumption is suitable for all types of 12 and 24 volt vehicles. This model of diffusion heater with a fuel consumption of about 0.2 liters per hour and with a thermal power of 2200 watts is a suitable heating device for you in the cold days of autumn and winter. The ignition is the guarantee of your health, safety and peace on the winter roads. This model is no longer produced and only Farozesh Broadcasting Company provides after-sales service.

Model DA01

DA01 parking heater with size 125*133*360 and oil and diesel fuel consumption is suitable for all types of 12 and 24 volt vehicles, especially buses and vans. This model of diffusion heater with a maximum fuel consumption of 0.21 liters per hour and with a thermal power of 1800 watts is a suitable heating device for you in the cold days of autumn and winter. The ignition is the guarantee of your health, safety and peace on the winter roads.

Model NDA01

NDA01 parking heater with size 125*133*360 and oil and diesel fuel consumption is suitable for all types of 12 and 24 volt vehicles, especially for trucks and lorries. This model of diffusion heater with a maximum fuel consumption of 0.27 liters per hour and with a thermal power of 2200 watts is a suitable heating device for you in the cold days of autumn and winter.

How the parking heater works

How to operate the parking heater of Faruzash Broadcasting Company

Parking heater is one of the products of Farozesh Broadcasting Company, which is easily installed in private cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. The parking ignition heater has a small and efficient design, which is capable of heating the interior and engine cabin of the car.

How to use an parking heater

To use the parking heater, the user must first connect the heater to the vehicle’s electrical system. This is done by the company itself. Then using the remote control or timer, it can be activated and the desired settings applied.

parking heater temperature control

The air temperature of the cabin at the air inlet of the heater is continuously monitored, this temperature is compared with the temperature set on the temperature control volume, and the heater tries to keep the temperature within the set limits by means of BOOST, HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW temperature cycles. If the desired temperature is lower than the cabin temperature, the heating of the heater will gradually decrease and finally it will go to STAND BY mode, and if needed, it will come out of STAND BY again and start heating.
Turn off the SWITCH OF

After the heater is turned off by turning it counterclockwise in analog keys or by pressing the off button in digital keys, the heater unit automatically cuts off the fuel pump and cools the heater in about 10 minutes. to give
This stage is very important for the health and longevity of the in-situ heater, and you should never cut off the heater’s power at this stage.

The key with blue light is only for fan operation without heating.
Control and safety equipment: If the heater fails to light the flame for one and a half minutes after being turned on, it will repeat this operation 4 times and after that, if it still does not turn on, it will announce the corresponding error (error 4 to 7). slow

If the supply voltage exceeds 21-30 volts in 24-volt devices and 30.10-15 volts in 12-volt devices, the heater unit will automatically shut down and announce the corresponding error.

parking heat pump

Features of the heater parking of the broadcast

1. Using the automatic system

The radiant heater also has an automatic shut-off system that helps reduce fuel consumption.

2. Lack of space

Due to its small and portable design, the parking ignition heater can be easily installed in any type of car, making drivers able to use it in any situation.

3. Cabin temperature control

By increasing the temperature in the indoor environment, the heater can easily control the temperature and humidity settings and provide drivers and passengers with improved comfort and travel quality.

4. Reduction of fuel consumption

Another feature of the in-situ combustion heater is the reduction of fuel consumption and the reduction of outgoing pollutants.

5. Improving efficiency

By warming up the engine cabin before starting the journey, the engine can be brought to its optimal temperature, which improves fuel efficiency and reduces vehicle emissions.

parking heat pump

Considering that the heater fuel pump is used and embedded in the chassis of the cars, it is exposed to rain water and road mud in the winter season, and it causes the sockets or wire ends to be destroyed and in cause its performance to malfunction.

In this regard, Farozesh Broadcasting Company has considered a series of pump protective frames in order to improve the performance of the pump. If you put this pump inside the frame, you will see that the pump is no longer exposed to mud and rainwater and has only one inlet and outlet. In this way, your pump will not be exposed to failure and will not have problems.

So our company’s advice is to prepare this cover or frame before the start of the cold season so that you don’t face any problems in the cold season ahead.

final word

parking ignition heater is one of the best solutions to increase comfort and improve car performance in cold conditions. Due to its features, this heater can help drivers and passengers to travel comfortably and with quality in cold conditions.