Common faults and parking heater repairs (1)

Common faults and parking heater repairs

Common faults and repairs of parking heaters: If the red volume light is on continuously, it indicates the normal operation of the parking heater, but if it flashes, the number of flashes that occur at equal intervals is a concept and indicates a type of problem.

The most common error is error number 4, which is related to the disruption of the fuel supply path. Most of the following causes this problem.

1- Check the blockage of the fuel supply path or waste in the dual filters of the pump. Both filters must be completely open and free of any debris that could cause clogging.

parking heater repairs

2) The fuel hoses from the fuel tank to the pump and also from the pump to the parking heater must be made of factory fabric with an internal diameter of 1.25 to 1.5 mm and an external diameter of 4 mm. Any breakage or clogging of this hose will disrupt the operation of the parking heater.

3) 5 cm connecting hoses with an inner diameter of 4 mm should be completely fit and tight. Generally, inaccuracy or tearing and rotting of these hoses causes leakage and errors in the operation of the parking heater.

4) Annual replacement of the fuel filter can reduce the possibility of clogging and failure.

5) If you clean the internal filter of the pump, make sure to close the aluminum door after washing.

6) The fuel supply rate of the pump and its output flow rate are not rotated by the pump valve, which causes changes in the fuel output flow rate and damage to the pump.

7- One of the reasons for clogging of the fuel supply route is freezing and so-called fuel gelling due to extreme cold weather. To solve this problem, alternative fuels of 75% diesel and 25% alcohol can be used.

Common faults and parking heater repairs. The next common error is error number 1 and 2, which is related to excessive heating or overheating.


If the surroundings of the parking heater unit are closed and the air flow is not easily established, or the cold air inlet pipes into the parking heater must be completely open and without any blockages.
One of the common problems is that the red light is on continuously and does not indicate an error, but the heater does not heat up and the heater remains in stand-by and does not come out. The reason for this is 2 things: 1) The volume knob is set to a temperature lower than the desired temperature. Increase it and set it to your desired temperature. 2) The entry of cold air into the heater is disrupted and instead of cold air inside the room, warm air from around it enters the heater and the sensors of the heater measure hot air instead of cold and cool air, which causes the heater to stop working. by should not be removed.