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Road Truckers, know first hand that when it comes to quality and reliability Foroozeshpakhsh should be the first choice in heating system.

Are you looking for a heating system that provides optimum comfort? That ensures safety by supplying  heat for mobile workplaces? That activity protects the environment and reduces consumption?That is easy to install and inexpensive to maintain? Are you looking for an expert who not only provide heat but also the ideal climate for every challenge?

Then Foroozeshpakhsh is just the partner you need.

Foroozeshpakhsh developed the generation of its parking heater line for different type of vehicle models providing  optimum performance and comfort.You can easily choose your heater model according to your vehicle and technical feature of Foroozeshpakhsh heaters (see the data sheet/ downloads) and call us.

Foroozeshpakhsh NDA01 parking heater are produced in 360*133*125 size .The best fuel for NDA01 heaters are Gasoil and oil and the required voltage is 12 or 24. This type of heaters by low  fuel consumption  about 0.27 (L/h) and  2200( m3/h) heater air flow are the best heating system for different kind of vehicles especially for trucks.In fact all kind of trucks can use and  install this model in their cabin or every safe palce and enjoy of warmth.This model is used for truck with Gasoil fuel.

Truck heater

The parking heater in the car provides an affordable and reliable way to heat the car interior and defrost the windows. By installing a quality parking heater (parking heater), you can maintain proper conditions even when the car engine is off.

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parking heater of the truck ignition spread

The team of foroozesh pakhsh has always tried to provide the best and most suitable truck heater product to its customers. Now, after several years of effort and testing, it has been able to market five main models of its parking heaters.

You, dear ones, can choose the most suitable model of truck heater according to your needs and according to the type and model of your vehicle, and by installing it on your car or vehicle, you can benefit from its optimal heating in the cold days of autumn and winter. .

Companies that produce heavy vehicles, including manufacturers of trucks, trucks, trailers, and trucks, are the largest group of our customers.

foroozesh pakhsh has designed the parking heater model ST01 according to the standards of your car.

This parking heater with small volume and small size (125*133*360) (mm) and fuel consumption (about 0.2 liters per hour equivalent to 1 liter per five hours) and high efficiency is suitable for your heavy vehicle. You can install this truck parking heater inside the driver’s cab, cargo bed, or any other convenient place for safety.

Safety instructions for heating in trucks:

To avoid fire, do not use a heater when refueling the car.

Warm safety instructions in trucks:

To avoid fire, do not use a heater when refueling the car.

How the heating works in the truck is as follows:

This device is designed and built in two types of dry weather, which is very efficient and very low consumption. The dry type of this product only heats the air inside the cabin, but the water type, in addition to the air inside the cabin, heats the water in the radiator and prevents it from freezing in the cold of winter. The very low consumption of the combination of diesel and oil creates comfortable heat.

The way this device works is that the fuel goes from the tank to the heating chamber through an electric pump and from there to the combustion chamber through the injector, then the fuel is combined with air in the form of powder and combustion occurs. Through the candle, smoke and carbon dioxide produced in this combustion are discharged into the cabin through the chimney and hot air.


One of the advantages of this product is saving millions of liters of fuel per capita and reducing air pollution, all of which are caused by working instead of the car engine, and that is why many truck manufacturers use this product in their production.

The installation of this device is very simple, there is no need to change the car’s wiring, the device’s electrical connection is made with a 4-meter cable through a fuse, and connect the black fuse box that comes with the device. First one wire to body, then red wire. They are connected directly to the positive pole of the battery. These connections must be firmly and securely connected. Due to its low power consumption, this device does not cause any damage to the car battery, and by being equipped with a voltage warning system, it prevents the battery from being discharged or sleeping, and there is no interference when starting the car.

How much fuel does the parking heater of the truck consume?

It just depends on a number of things like heater model, ambient temperature and even altitude, all of which can affect total fuel consumption per hour, but you’ll typically be looking at 100ml per kW.