parking heater performance

parking heater repairs and troubleshooting

Recommended periodic repairs and maintenance:
1- Take out the inflammatory candle and clean the carbon formed around the candle.

parking heater repairs and troubleshooting

2- Remove the spark plug filter and clean the carbon formed on it or replace it.

When closing the candle, replace the aluminum washer and be careful when closing it. The candle is completely closed and there is no hole between the candle and the shell.

3- Make sure the air flow path for the furnace is completely open and you can also use wind pressure to clean and open it and clean the extra formed carbons in the pile area.

4- Make sure there is no blockage in the inlet and outlet air ducts of the heater.
5- At least once every three months, turn on your in-place heater for 10 minutes to prepare and maintain health. (Manual)

6- Ensure the health of all electrical connections.

7- The parking heater does not turn on without enough power in the battery. High and low voltage causes the automatic exit of the parking heater from the operation mode.

You can use oil and gasoil (alcohol gasoil) as fuel in this parking heater.

8- Using engine fuel oil as fuel seriously damages the parking heater.

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