parking heater repair steps

parking heater repair steps

Repair steps: (diagnosis – replacement – replacement)

inflammatory candle

Note: The amount of fuel has nothing to do with the amount of voltage.
If the amount of fuel is out of this range, check what factor prevented the fuel supply in its path and fix it.

  • candle wick
  • Unit control
  • Dismantling the heater housing
  • OVER HEAT sensor
  • Thermal sensors
  • Removing and installing the fan
  • Cleaning heat exchangers

inflammatory candle

To replace the spark plug, open the connector of the spark plug maker.
Clean the spark plug from the presence of carbons on the element, replace the aluminum washer of the spark plug and make sure that the spark plug is fully sealed when closing the spark plug.

(The minimum pressure required to close the spark plug is 20 N/m. Remove the spark plug filter using a suitable tool (thin tail).
Be careful not to damage the threads and the spark plug housing when removing the filter.
This filter should be free of any burns
Deformation (change in shape) perforation or filling
The holes are filled by carbon.
Use a brass brush and air pressure to clean the spark plug filter mesh.
Make sure that all mesh openings are clean and free of any blockage by carbon or other materials.

parking heater maintenance

parking heater maintenance

Every device needs maintenance and parking heaters are no exception to this issue.
So we have to service and maintain the heater at least once a year.

Repair of parking heater board and tips on its protection

Some errors are related to the heater core or the electronic board

Since foroozeshpakhsh company is a knowledge-based company, the science of this heater is for the company’s own engineers, in case of a board failure, unlike other companies, it must be completely replaced. Send it to the company to be repaired and the cost will be much less. Of course, in some cases, if the IC or a single part is damaged and burned, that part must be replaced, but our engineers are trying to repair the part as much as possible with the lowest cost.

This part is very sensitive, try not to pour water on it when you are using it, and when charging the car battery, disconnect the heater socket from access to it, because if it is not disconnected, the noise created in the battery will cause burns in some parts. This will be removed and the heater will fail. Try to always check the conductor of the wire to make sure that it is not connected and that water is not spilled on the heater.

How to do service and maintenance?

At the beginning of the cold season, when you want to use this heater, you must follow a few points and if you encounter any problems, go to authorized repair shops.
The first points are to check the fuel supply path from the fuel tank to the heater, that the hose is not broken, the connectors are not destroyed.

There should be no garbage in the fuel supply path, the connections should be fully established, after checking all these, you should refer to the fuel tank, that there is no trash or shavings inside it.
The next point is to check the connections of the unit. Two pipes, the exhaust pipe and the air inlet pipe, must be checked to make sure they are not blocked.

The hot air connection pipe should also be checked to make sure it is not deformed or blocked. Before starting the heater, we have two buttons, one for the start and the fan. First, use a fan that over time, if you put something there, it will go and get involved with the fan, and if there is no problem, start the heater.
If there is a problem with the starter of the heater and it cannot turn on easily, be sure to go to authorized repair shops to open the heater and service the inside of the heater.

parking heating fuel

The next important thing is to check the electric path, if the electric heater is weak or fluctuates, there will be a problem in the path of the heater when it is turned on, which should be checked over time because you have not used the heater.
Do not use the fuel that is sold in the market as parking heating fuel, the parking heating fuel is not Iranian, but all the parking heaters in the world are either diesel or a combination of kerosene and 70% alcohol.

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