parking heater

What is parking heater?

An parking heater is a device used to heat the car cabin.

 What are the advantages of using parking heater?

– Reduction of fuel consumption

– Reduction of pollution

– Depreciation reduction

-Providing the comfort of drivers


 What is the purpose of foroozeshpakhsh company?

At the beginning, foroozeshpakhsh Company wanted to understand the logic of designing selfie engines, then in the second stage, inspired by the best European and American brands that had years of experience in this work, it started to design the sub-set. In the next step, foroozeshpakhsh tried to use the experiences of domestic manufacturers to produce sub-assemblies and parts of this product.


The idea of a foroozeshpakhsh company?

Our idea was to develop this technology in this country. Our idea was to make this technology sustainable in this country after it was developed, and we would expand it and give it a limit at the regional level for this technology. Because this technology is fully established in industrialized countries, so we started working with this idea.